Social Media Etiquette

Surprisingly, I found it quite difficult to find credible information about social media etiquette. I found this paper that highlights some do’s and dont’s that are pretty great and also found a diagram that i will attach below that displays it in a fun way!

  1. ” Everything lives on the Internet indefinitely!
  2.  Do not speak on behalf of the employer unless authorised.
  3. Do not share confidential information about the employer.
  4. Any communication is public record, and could be revealed to a third party.
  5. Give credit to authorship.
  6. Be respectful of each person, as well as his/her opinion and right to express it.
  7. Respect other employees’ right to privacy.
  8. Do not conduct business communications through social media.
  9. Comply with all applicable laws , as well as copyright restrictions.
  10. When engaged in social media, you forfeit your right or expectation to privacy in any communication.



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