Final Blog Post!

Weeehooo this is my final blog post!

Within this site I have integrated my personal social media sites. Embedded into the riht side of the blog you will fine the “Social”tab. There I have click throught links to my FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pintrest.


Below the Social tab I have also embedded a live twitter feed!!



I am very glad to have completed my units for this semester, despite a concussion (my fault) and a broken ankle (also my fault)…I am very clumsy… but I am also finished my wordpress blog!!


Useful Resources

Listed Below are some resources I found very useful when completing this unit!






Public Record Office Victoria (PROV)

Wonderful Video! Check out Paris’ Library Blog

Paris Clipperton-Richens

Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) archives documentation, maps and audiovisual material for the State Government of Victoria. They currently store approximately 100 km of physical records dating back to the 1830s that are slowly being updated by volunteers through digitisation and conservation programs, easing access to their collection for the Victorian public. The video below explains the services available at PROV and how researchers can make the most of their studies.

Check out the PROVchannel on Youtube to see more information on how to access the public records online and for valuable discussions on the history of our state.

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